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We broke the first rule of bacon advertising, by referring to pigs to dramatise the effects of eating Danepak bacon and by creating a name for the process that gave Danepak a super bacon flavour. Only running for a short time, the campaign created an immediate 50% lift in sales. TV, outdoor and lifestlye press. […]



Stagg Chili, an American brand from Hormel Foods launching in the UK. In our first TV campaign a cowboy sang about the fabulous chili created by his father but ended with ‘but Daddy… why d’ya have to call it ‘Stagg?’. Milward Brown pronounced it the most successful product launch they had ever researched. TV and lifestyle press.



The Great and only truly Briish Chocolate brand were looking for a campaign that would amplify their position. Using quirky eccentric British characters helped give this campaign it’s very British indulgent look and feel.


Wales Coastal Path

The WCP brand was created to encourage the use of it’s picturesque trails. The brand mark was used from pillar to post along this beautiful coastline. It encouraged a 70% uplift in tourism to the area. Lifestyle press campaign.


Emotion Water

A branding ID project to bring together  multiple European Water brands under Coca-Cola’s  Water portfolio. The water lady key art was used across localised European brands to give some synergy in a fragmented market.



The ‘Earth Changing Shoes’ campaign was created to reposition the physiological footwear brand and take the higher ground in a market where newcomer brands were trying to get a foothold. Outdoor and in store communications helped drive the message home.


Bordeaux Index Wine Co

The world of wine as an investment opportunity was promoted through a national press campaign. Creating a campaign that was both educational and entertaining helped give BI their brand personality, making them more consumer friendly to a wider audience. National Press



The first truly adult soft drink. Creating the ‘Surprisingly Soft’ campaign to launch, using tough guy images with a soft twist. The new drink achieved successful listings in the major supermarkets. Outdoor and trade press.