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Footlocker. Torture

These trainers are killing me. Shot as part of a viral campaign for Sapient Nitro. They caused an increase in Footfall.

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Jacobs Crackers. Secrets

Showing a naughtier side to your cracker, Oh crumbs, we didn’t half shoot some hanky panky moments round the table. More tea vicar?

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Skype. Live in Vegas

Filling 4 days with Live material in and around Las Vegas all transmitted through Skype  for CES was an exciting gamble that paid off. Viva Las Vegas.

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Danacol. Plants

Our leading man ended up with a mouth like a torn pocket after going that extra length for the cameras. At least he’s a vegetarian

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Bounty. Carry On

Carry on cleaning. Yak Yak Yak! Good ol’ Syd and his team back from the dead to keep us laughing with Brenda and Audrey, the Bounty Girls ooohh eerrr Missus.

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Douwe Egberts. Thumbs

This unusual spot for Amsterdam agency Strawberry Frog didn’t have us twiddling our thumbs.  

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Oxo. Big Flavour

Everyone’s favourite, roast chicken, is the star of this rhyming photomatic for oxo stock cubes.

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Neutrogena. Pixel

Shot with photographer James Diamond, this was one of a series of photomatics produced to research around Europe.

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PHD. Who We Are

A promotional film for PHD that delves into the inner recesses of your mind.

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Sandisk. Party

4 Spacemen, 5 locations, 20 extras and a heap of Fancy Dress outfits all came together to shoot this film in a day. Light speed production.