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Footlocker. Torture

These trainers are killing me. Shot as part of a viral campaign for Sapient Nitro. They caused an increase in Footfall.

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Skype. Live in Vegas

Filling 4 days with Live material in and around Las Vegas all transmitted through Skype  for CES was an exciting gamble that paid off. Viva Las Vegas.

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PHD. Who We Are

A promotional film for PHD that delves into the inner recesses of your mind.

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Sandisk. Party

4 Spacemen, 5 locations, 20 extras and a heap of Fancy Dress outfits all came together to shoot this film in a day. Light speed production.

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Footlocker. Doggie

It features a dog wearing trainers. We found dogs don’t really like wearing trainers.

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VW Angel. Apples

This series of banners won multiple awards. What happens when your guardian angel gets bored?