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Immersive Wall

Part of a 8 minute film shot for Thomson storefronts. Luxury in paradise, can we go back?


Thomson Family

Eating ice cream and splashing in pools, it’s a tough job for some models.

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Lapland tours

Shot on location in Lapland in December. Quite an honor to meet the big man.

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Hilton Honors

A quick animation to promote the new Hilton Honors App on BA flights.

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Sensatori. Brand Video

This video based around your senses was shot with Red Engine over 3 days at the Sensatori resort in Crete.

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Splash. Brand Video

Inspired by the title sequence of the 70’s kids show ‘The Red Hand Gang’ this video could create quite a ‘Splash’.

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Thomson. Florida Guide

We were asked to create a seat back guide for customers traveling to Florida. It gave them the heads up on what to expect in customs, driving and what to see.

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Cruise Compilation Video

We’ve filmed on quite a few cruises over the years and here’s a selection of some of our travels.

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In Flight Service Video

Originally this was meant to have been shot in flight, but due to timing and budget restrictions we decided to create the experience in a studio using thomson staff.